Nikola Tesla develops alternating current electricity.

1995 – 2023

Our name and sine-wave logo for 28 years.


Shortened our name to Niko
(named after Tesla’s first name, and to avoid confusion with Tesla cars).

Evolved our sine-wave logo.


When starting our company, Thorburn and Moore named it as a tribute to Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), the revered Serbian/American inventor.

With over 700 patents to his name, Tesla is often regarded as the forgotten genius of the twentieth century, despite the SI unit for magnetic flux density bearing his name.

Among his notable inventions are the induction motor, AC polyphase power transmission/distribution system, radio (recognized by a US Supreme Court decision), fluorescent and neon lighting, bladeless turbine, radio imaging (a precursor to radar), and the Tesla coil, which produces high voltage, low current, high-frequency AC electricity.

When transitioning from Tesla Consultants to Niko as the company name, our team wanted to keep the reference to the remarkable inventor, whose legacy continues to inspire us.

With nearly 30 years of trading under the Tesla name, we had a deep connection with both the man and his inventions. The shift to Niko, short for Nikola, allowed us to maintain this tribute.

As Niko, we carry forward our profound respect for Tesla’s contributions and strive to embody his spirit of innovation.

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